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American Pest Control
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Allied Betram Marine
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Aquatic Life
A-1 Auto Paints
A-1 Auto Paints
Blair Propeller
Blair Propeller
aquatic life
Blair Propeller 2
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Blair Propeller 3
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Blue Moon
Bonadeo Boatworks
Boneshaker Charters
Boneshaker Charters
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Boomer 2
Champagne Lady
Champagne Lady
Changing Channels
Changing Channels
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia
Dockside Marine
Dockside Marine
Changing Channels
Changing Channels
Father's Day
Father's Day
Finest Kind Marina
Finest Kind Marina
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Finest Kind Marina 2
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Fish Heads
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FL Relay Run 3/13
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Front Row
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Garlington Landeweer
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Harvest Moon
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Heldter Skeldter
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Indian Riverkeeper
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June Bug
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Lady Jane
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LaLa's Six Chicks
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Lost River Marine
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Mack Sails
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Over Easy Sportfishing
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Patsea VII
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Pave It
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Purewater Solutions
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Raising Dough
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Ranger Air Conditioning
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Reef Skimmer Stuart
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Reel Fanatic
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Sailfish Bait & Tackle
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Sailfish Point Yacht
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Sea Check
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Silver Mullet Dredge
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Stuart Propeller
stuart propeller 2
Stuart Propeller 2
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Sunday Charters
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Whiticar Boatworks
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Pirates Cove
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Willis Marine

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Dockside Marine Services

Our rates start at $2.25 per foot. At this rate you're Monthly, you have an inboard or small prop and you're in a marina where we can swim from boat to boat.
As your paint wears thin, or as the warmer waters aid in barnacle growth, even your location in the river where growth is faster than others, your rate will be higher. This is just a guide for both of us. We inspect & replace zincs when needed, clean thru-hulls, hardware, props & waterlines.

We patronize ONLY LOCAL businesses when buying our zincs or repairing props. You'll get updates on your paint condition & any damage noted while under the boat each month.

We sell props (new & used), pull, switch & transport props to & from prop shops & install them again. We do hull inspections & prep for sea trials. We recommend painting your props prior to reinstallation to deter barnacle growth as seen on our Prop Problem page.

This means the majority of our customers at private docks all start at $2.50/ft. Boats at 80’ are $3/ft minimum.

Let Dockside put you on Monthly maintenance schedule. You can contact us by email or phone. When you call Gary's line, 772-283-6893, you'll hear a daily recorded message of his whereabouts & his cell phone # for emergencies. So, drop us a line today!

Florida Areas & Cities that Dockside Marine Services provide divers :
Treasure Coast Divers, Martin County Divers, Stuart Divers, Hobe Sound Divers, Port Salerno Divers, Palm City Divers, Jensen Beach Divers, Sewell's Point Divers, Hutchinson Island Divers, Saint Lucie Divers, Indian River Divers, Palm Beach County Divers, Fort Pierce Divers, West Palm Beach Divers, Vero Beach Divers