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Prop Problems and Solutions

props problems 1
These props sounded like Rice Krispies as they sat for hours in the back of Gary's truck. Over 2 months growth, Gary had already hosed off the major plant life to leave the barnacle family and dings. April 2010.

prop solution 1
Solution: These props have just been painted with Interlux Underwater Metal System, a 3-step process. April 2010.

This waterline grew in one month of summer waters. Note the barnacles along with the moss.

4 props
These are props with no protective coating on at all, summer water, after only 10 wks.

prop problem 3
Same as above.
prop problems 4

Here are what cause some prop problems and solutions are just one phone call away.

5 props problems
This picture have props protective coating on. This is one month's growth in summer water.

6 props problem
This picture also have props protective coating on with one month's growth in summer water.

jay breu overgrown props
An in-water smear application of protection was experimented on these props. This is one month's growth in April. We do not recommend this technique.

jay breu prop problems
This is the same props as the picture before.

red algaue growt on props
Some props problems are caused by the growth of red algae. These attaches quickly to all metal exposed and unprotected in just 2 weeks of summer water. This must be either scraped or removed with a coarse scrubber at best.
underwater growth

red algae underwater growth
Same as above.

Gary and Jerry applying prop speed
Solution: Andy & Gary applying a protective coating to props in steps.

hauling props
Gary & John hauling a prop to the truck for transport to a prop shop. This usually takes 2-4 men, depending on the size/weight of the prop, and getting them into and out of a truck bed, let alone back to a dock and into the water using liftbags, is not something we suggest trying at home.

dowd boys
Just another day of work. This is Modo Fac's prop 2005?

Dockside Marine Services

Our rates start at $2.25 per foot. At this rate you're Monthly, you have an inboard or small prop and you're in a marina where we can swim from boat to boat.
As your paint wears thin, or as the warmer waters aid in barnacle growth, even your location in the river where growth is faster than others, your rate will be higher. This is just a guide for both of us. We inspect & replace zincs when needed, clean thru-hulls, hardware, props & waterlines.

We patronize ONLY LOCAL businesses when buying our zincs or repairing props. You'll get updates on your paint condition & any damage noted while under the boat each month.

We sell props (new & used), pull, switch & transport props to & from prop shops & install them again. We do hull inspections & prep for sea trials. We recommend painting your props prior to reinstallation to deter barnacle growth as seen on our Prop Problem page.

This means the majority of our customers at private docks all start at $2.50/ft. Boats at 80’ are $3/ft minimum.

Let Dockside put you on Monthly maintenance schedule. You can contact us by email or phone. When you call Gary's line, 772-283-6893, you'll hear a daily recorded message of his whereabouts & his cell phone # for emergencies. So, drop us a line today!

Florida Areas & Cities that Dockside Marine Services provide divers :
Treasure Coast Divers, Martin County Divers, Stuart Divers, Hobe Sound Divers, Port Salerno Divers, Palm City Divers, Jensen Beach Divers, Sewell's Point Divers, Hutchinson Island Divers, Saint Lucie Divers, Indian River Divers, Palm Beach County Divers, Fort Pierce Divers, West Palm Beach Divers, Vero Beach Divers