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Prop Problems

These props sounded like Rice Krispies as they sat for hours in the back of Gary's truck. Over 2 months growth, Gary had already hosed off the major plant life to leave the barnacle family and dings. April 2010
2 Months Growth

These props have just been painted with Interlux Underwater Metal System, a 3-step process. April 2010
Jay Valimont Props

This waterline grew in one month of summer waters. Note the barnacles along with the moss.

These are props with no protective coating on at all, summer water, after only 10 wks
Props and Nuts

Same as above
STB Prop2
Underwater Growth1

These pictures have protective coating on. This is one month's growth in summer water
Props with Prop Speed

Same as above
Props with Prop Speed2

An in-water smear application of protection was experimented on these props. This is one month's growth in April. We do not recommend this technique.
Jay Breu Prop

This is the same prop as above
Jay Breu Prop2

This shows the growth of red algae, which attaches quickly to all metal exposed and unprotected in just 2 weeks of summer water. This must be either scraped or removed with a coarse scrubber at best.
Red Algae thru Hulls
Underwater Growth2

Same as above
Red Algae on Trim

Andy & Gary applying a protective coating to props in steps
Gary and Andy Applying Prop Speed 

Gary & John hauling a prop to the truck for transport to a prop shop. This usually takes 2-4 men, depending on the size/weight of the prop, and getting them into and out of a truck bed, let alone back to a dock and into the water using liftbags, is not something we suggest trying at home.
Hauling Props

Just another day of work. This is Modo Fac's prop 2005?
Modo Fac's prop 2005